User interface sketches for a mobile application.

Mobile Application Development

When you want to provide your users with a fast, approachable, and professional experience, a native mobile application is the way to go. We have experience producing and maintaining apps for iOS and Android.

Image of person coding on a laptop.

Web Application Development

We can use Node.js, Ruby, Python or C to produce powerful web-apps with beautiful visualisations, even for huge data sets. All of our web applications are designed with scalability in mind, helping your service to remain fast, even as it grows.

Printed circuit board showing components.

Embedded Hardware Development

Not all ideas can be achieved in code alone. That's why we have extensive experience in design of data collection hardware. Past projects range from real-time AC power monitoring with data transmission over Bluetooth, to motorized gantries for data recording.

Our established relationships with printed circuit board (PCB) fabricators allow us to produce hardware prototypes quickly and cheaply, using our in-house solder reflow and component placement systems.

Powerful Hosting

We operate a network of Dell and Supermicro servers, using modern processors and multiple disks. This lets you get powerful analysis, quickly.

Reliable Data Storage

Nobody wants data loss. That's why we specialise in solutions that replicate your data to multiple global locations, and keep regular offline backups.

Premium Network

We believe informatics should be fast. To achieve this, we operate our own networks, AS56796 and AS210285, with a diverse transit blend.

Up-Front Pricing

When you contact us for a quote, we'll discuss your idea with you and give you a price. If your requirements don't change, this price is fixed for the entire contract.

Friendly Support

We offer fast and friendly support. Between January and May 2019, our average time from receiving a support request to deploying a fix was under an hour.

Reasonable Maintenance

After development finishes, we'll give you a quote for maintaining the software and servers used for your project, but you're also free to switch to other hosting.