Reliable Managed Hosting

We manage hosting your project, so you don't have to.

Node.js code shown on a laptop.

No Experience Needed

We use premium hardware to make sure your sites run lightning fast. You don't need any server administration skills to use us for a project - we take care of all of the technical work, letting you get on with analysing your data.

Pricing depends heavily on the nature of your service, how many users you have, how much data you have, and where you need your servers. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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Redundant DNS

DNS is the mechanism web browsers use to convert a domain name into the IP address of the server that hosts it. We operate DNS servers throughout the EU and USA, using multiple providers. This helps keep your website up and loading quickly.

Servers and networking.

Monitoring and Updates

We continuously monitor load, temperature, and hardware on all of our servers. Regular automatic backups mean that even in the rare event of a hardware failure, your site can be back up and running quickly.

Firewalls and regular updates help keep our services secure.

Powerful Hosting

We operate a network of Dell and Supermicro servers, using modern processors and multiple disks. This lets you get powerful analysis, quickly.

Reliable Data Storage

Nobody wants data loss. That's why we specialise in solutions that replicate your data to multiple global locations, and keep regular offline backups.

Premium Network

We believe informatics should be fast. To achieve this, we operate our own networks, AS56796 and AS210285, with a diverse transit blend.