Lightning Fast Network

Informatics Solutions uses a range of premium providers to make sure that projects we host are reliable and fast.

Routers with ethernet cables attached.

Local and Global

Most of our clients are based in the United Kingdom, so we operate a range of Dell and Supermicro servers there. But no matter where you're based, we can provide hosting in your country - helping you easily comply with any local data protection regulations.

For geographical redundancy, and to take advantage easier access to renewable power in some other countries, we also operate a global network. Several of our locations use datacentres powered entirely by hydroelectric or wind energy.

All datacentres where identifiable information for your project is stored are ISO 27001 certified, and monitored 24/7 with strong access control procedures.

Stylised diagram of a network.

Future Proof

We operate our own IPv6 networks, to help future proof our projects with the growing adoption of IPv6 across the internet.

To get the best speeds possible for you and your client, we operate our own network under AS210285, using a wide blend of global network providers. Operating our own network allows us to achieve higher availability when required, because we can automatically failover to another datacentre in the event that one is taken offline.

For legacy hardware, monitoring, and research, we also operate a second network, AS56796.

Internals of hard disk drive

Premium Hardware

We use enterprise hardware for our servers, with Intel Xeon processors at most locations. When we use traditional spinning hard drives rather than modern solid state drives, we use RAID 1 or better. This means that all your data is replicated to another disk, keeping your project working in the event of a single disk failing.

Our network and servers are continuously monitored, allowing us to quickly respond to hardware failures and load spikes, adding capacity or replacing hardware as needed with minimal disruption.